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Mexican lawmakers approve landmark energy bill

On August 6 Mexican legislators put the final touches on a bill to open Mexico’s energy sector, after 70 years of control by the state...

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Iran signs $20 billion dollar oil deal with Russia

Russia and Iran signed a 5 year memorandum of understanding potentially worth $20 billion dollars on August 6...

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German agency warns against fracking

The German Federal Environmental Agency put out a report this month warning that risks involved with fracking are too high...

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Looking Beyond EU Energy Policy

By Janez Potočnik

For Europe energy has always been at the top of its political agenda but despite the many achievements in strengthening its infrastructure and diversifying its suppliers, the EU remains vulnerable to energy shocks and disruptions to energy supplies...

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The Geophysical Agency of Humans and Climate Change

by Dipesh Chakarbarty

In equating the problem of global warming with the crucial but techno-economic question of transitioning from fossil-fuel based sources of energy to renewables, we sometimes lose sight of how the scientific understanding of “anthropogenic global warming” signals ...

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Climate Summit 2014

To mobilze actions and ambitions on diverst issues of climate change at the highest levels, the Climate Summit will be held at the UN Headquarters in September 2014. 

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World Energy Engineering Congress

The 37th WEEC for end users and energy professionals will be held in Washington, DC on October 1-2, 2014, were President Bill Clinton will be a featured speaker.

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Renewal Energy World - Asia

Asia's premier renewal energy event, in conjunction with POWER-GEN Asia and POWER-GEN Asia Financial Forum, will be held on September 10-12, 2014 at Kuala Lumpur.

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