APO International Conference

Over the last few months, Global Energy Initiative has been working with the Asian Productivity Organization to help shed light on some of the growing issues of productivity, sustainability, and inclusive development of energy in the Asia-Pacific region.  To help shed light on these topics GEI will be co-organizing 1 of the 3 strands of this year's APO International Conference in Taiwan:

How will Green Energy Shape Our Future?

Time: Thursday March 13, 13:30 -17:10 PM

Venue: Room 101 CD, Taipei International Convention Center


Traditional energies had provided the backdrop for the last century’s industrial rapid growth. But, in view of the negative impact these energy sources have to our environment, we question: will they be able to sustain us for another century? How are we going to satisfy the increasing demand from our population and industrial growth? History has taught us that a diverse energy portfolio is better than a single energy source for a nation. However, are the other energy sources ready for the main stage? How can we nurture the growth of renewable energies? In this keynote, we hope to address this intractable topic through policy, technology and market place.



Dr. Tain-jy Chen, Senior Advisor of Green Trade Project Office



● Mr. Mari Amano, Secretary General of Asian Productivity Organization

● Mr. Yuzo Goto, Director, METI, Government of Japan

● Mr. Teisuke Kitayama , Chairperson of Green Productivity Advisory Committee, and Chairman of the Board, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

● Mr. Erdal Elver, President and CEO of SIMENS Ltd Taiwan

●Professor Ryoichi Yamamoto, International Research Center for Sustainable Materials, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo

● Ms. Barbara Finamore, Founder and Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council China program


The APO International Conference is a side event of the 2014 Eco-Products International Fair, held in Taipei, Taiwan.  Please check out the events and affiliated organizations and help us give them support in our shared goal to move toward more sustainable solutions to our planet.

This is the event website: http://www.epif2014.com/en_US/forum/dynamicTab.html?activityID=17B70D4029687368C993EB1BFCD9D1FF&functionID=5705

This is the overall 2014 Eco-Products International Fair website: http://www.epif2014.com/

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