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Wyclife Omondi

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801 National Rd W
Richmond, Indiana, USA

Chapter Leadership

Aziza Ubaka-Sampson

Jenny Qiangi Luo

Andrey Gavrilov

Lindelwe  Doris Ndlovu

Faculty Advisor: Ivan Babic

Chapter Mission

Our goal is to promote sustainable energy for all. In our chapter we explore ways to conserve and recycle water in a more sustainable way. We hope to share this goal with other students so that our efforts can be applied on other campuses, in order to reduce water waste and achieve sustainability on a global scale

Ivan Babic - Advisor

Ivan Babic is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina where he attended United World College. Very recently he got an undergraduate degree from Earlham College, there he studied computer science and politics. Currently he is working as a computer science post baccalaureate faculty at his alma mater and is thinking about persuing a graduate degree in the near future.

As a college student, he was actively involved in the Green Science Applied Group and together they established the power consumption monitoring system on their campus, worked on integration and installation of green energy sources in to the campus energy network system such as solar arrays and wind turbine, lowered the energy consumption and increased college wide energy awareness, as well as many more interesting projects.

Having lived in Bosnia, Germany, United States and United Kingdom helps him understand people better, making working with them a pleasure and adaptation to a new work environment an easy and smooth process. 


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