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Creating awareness on sustainable energy by finding local solutions

Inspire a new generation of thinkers in the campus and beyond on efficient energy utilization

Engaging in a re-education program in local communities on the benefits of sustainability


Congratulations to the winners of SSEA UNIBEN Powerpoint Contest - Adewole Jameson & Omoregie Cyril

The chapter to organize a “Science Fair” where students can showcase their innovative work

UNIBEN successfully organized the Convention for Chemical Engineers coming in August 2014


Biogas Digester Project 2014 is currently in progress

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SSEA UNIBEN PowerPoint Essay Contest promoting sustainable energy practices 

Chapter President

Damian Ohienmhen


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P.M.B. 1154, Benin-City

Chapter Leadership

Ihimi Bright Chukwuma

George Imoedemhe

Osas Egho

Onyeka Stanislaus

Faculty Advisor: Andrew Amenaghawon

Chapter Mission

The Global Energy Initiative seeks to eradicate energy poverty and empower the people to develop their society by utilizing every energy alternative at their disposal. We at are student chapter believe we can promote this message in our respective localities and subsequently our country Nigeria as a whole thereby leading our nation into a new age of energy utilization and generation. We would like to see energy wastage mitigated to its lowest levels and fully bring out the energy potential in our nation which is in serious need of an energy scheme that will allow the common man to profit from this energy generation. With this in mind, we hope to also eradicate energy poverty on a local level by empowering people to generate their own energy, thus enriching their lives and the lives of others around them.



Our chapter successfully held a PowerPoint Competition aimed at encouraging students to think of new ways to conserve energy using innovative sustainable energy practices. The title of this competition was themed, ‘’ An Innovative Approach towards Local Energy Generation.’’ The competition was open to students currently studying Engineering and Science related courses throughout all their years of study within the University. Participants were asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation not exceeding 10 SLIDES detailing their idea, the materials they would need and how they would execute it.

1st place went to the joint project carried out by ADEWOLE JAMEWON and OMOREGIE BRIGHT CYRIL who came up with a detailed household solar-power construct that would essentially satisfy the energy needs of a household. The second entry became a finalist for the competition and was in the person of AGURI MONDAY CHARLES who detailed a wind design concept of producing energy.


(Download full project details in pdf)

Due to the harmful effects of fossil fuels on the environment and the rise in production costs encountered in refining fossil fuels, other means of generating energy for the populace are being explored daily. Biogas technology in particular has seen widespread implementation and support in various countries across the world due to its relative simplicity and overwhelming potential to solve energy challenges facing the world. Leaders of this revolution include countries such as Germany, Sweden, London e.t.c and these nations have made sweeping policy changes to encourage the development of this technology. Nigeria also has the potential of becoming a leader in this field by adopting measures to ensure its wide scale implementation.

The SSEA UNIBEN CHAPTER, with support from its parent body, the Global Energy Institute, has completed plans for the construction of a pilot-scale biogas digester and purification plant. The design entailed the construction of a biogas reactor with necessary ancillary equipment such as a mixer, a mixing pit and sludge pit. Various process vessels were also required to purify the gas such as a scrubber column to remove the CO2 impurity and an absorber column to remove water vapour from the gas stream before it is stored in a storage tank.

Necessary design schemes, design equations and graphs as well as engineering professionals were consulted in building the plans for the project. Empirical data was utilized in forecasting the yield of the biogas project and providing dimensions for vessels needed in the process. Finally, a full costing schedule was obtained for the process.

The project would cost a total of 1,098,550.00 Naira to construct and put into operation and the construction period would span for a period of 1 month. The prices utilized in the costing phase were real market prices obtained from an extensive market survey.

Chapter Leadership

Andrew N. Amenaghawon, Chapter Faculty Advisor

Andrew Amenaghawon currently serves as the SSEA UNIBEN Chapter Faculty Advisor. He is currently a lecturer in the department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Benin. He obtained his B. Engineering degree from the University of Benin, and received his Master's Degree in Advanced Chemical Engineering and Process Systems Engineering from Imperial College in London, United Kingdom.

Professor Amenaghawon has published numerouspublications in the form of peer review journal articles, conference proceedings and book chapters, which have appeared in both national and international journals. He currently serves as a reviewer for various journals such as The AfricanJournal of Biochemistry Research, International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, Advanced Materials Research, and Journal of Engineering Science and Technology.

Andrew N. Amenaghawon is a member of the National Body of Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSChE) and The Nigerian Institute of Management. 

Damian Ohienmhen, President

The founder of the association is Damian Ohienmhen, a student of the department of Chemical Engineering currently in his final year. He got involved with Global Energy Initiative by partaking in their annual essay competition held in October 2013 and was shortlisted as a finalist. After which, he took his passion for sustainability further by forming the student chapter here in UNIBEN. It is his dream that Nigeria becomes a pioneer for sustainable energy.

Ihimi Bright Chukwuma, Student Co-Ordinator

Ihimi Bright is a graduate of the University of Benin. He is currently the Chairman of the Nigerian Universities Engineering Students Association (NUESA), the University of Benin Chapter and the immediate past president of the Departmental Chemical Engineering body. Under his stout leadership, he has revolutionized the Engineering body in UNIBEN and continues to bring new and innovative ideas to the table. He has a passion and drive for green energy and intends to channel his talents towards this cause.

George Imoedemhe, Secretary General

George Imoedemhe is a final year student of Chemical Engineering in the University of Benin and hails from Fugar in Edo State, Nigeria. He is also an advocate for green energy, with undergraduate research works focusing on the Corrosion Effects of Bio-fuel on Storage and Transport Systems. George also has a great passion for technological innovation. When he is not reading Chemical Engineering Journals, he spends his free time building web and mobile applications using technologies such as AJAX, jquery, PHP, MySQL, Java etc.

Osas Egho, Director Of Publicity And Media Affairs

Egho Ebako Osasu is a final year student of Chemical Engineering at the University of Benin, Benin-City, Nigeria. He is also the National Vice President (South) of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSChE) Student body. When he is not busy with his many innovative business endeavours, he spends his free time on his computer; working on projects or practicing his chess skills, in an attempt to not be dubbed the world’s worst chess player.

Onyeka Stanislaus, Director Of Finance

Onyeka Stanislaus is a fine, upstanding individual. He is currently in his final year, pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering in the University of Benin. Last year, he was given the award for Best Result in his class and still maintains high grades in his degree program. His knowledge of chemical engineering systems is unrivalled and he intends on participating actively in the group’s activities.


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