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  • March 2015: Picnic and Environmental Talk--Strengthen relationship amongst members.
  • March 2015: Picnic and Environmental Talk--A collaborative game of Scrabble
  • March 2015: Picnic and Environmental Talk--Students for Sustainable Energy for All!
  • March 2015: Picnic and Environmental Talk--Team work!

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Chapter Brochure


Creating  awareness on sustainable energy and environmental protection

Promoting inventions and innovations on energy production using local  technologies

Sharing local best practices with local communities

Chapter President


Gabriel Faniyan

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Chapter Mission

The Chapter's mission is to increase awareness and accelerate local innovation towards energy and environmental conservation. In doing this, we shall contribute towards combating climate change and its effects. Our mission plan for this year will entail the following activities: community sensitization programs, science fairs to showcase new innovations and youth debates.

Our goal is to promote inventions and innovations on energy and production using local technologies that will be universally acceptable, safe, and affordable through exhibitions that encourage the use of locally-created technologies that members of the community can afford.

Energy and environmental sustainability as well as several other problems of the twenty first century cannot be tackled by mono-disciplinary approaches. Several methods have to be engaged to bring about solid solutions to the problems that humanity grapples with and this is one of the thrusts of SSEA UI. In engaging climate change and global warming, here has been several science approaches hence we delve to the ultidisciplinary for instance our first major project is literary to teach, enlighten and entertain.

Chapter Leadership

Dr. Chinedum Peace Babalola (B.Pharm, Ph.D., FAS, FAAS) - Advisor

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy AND Principal Investigator/Project Director, Centre for Drug Discovery Development and Production (CDDDP), MacArthur Centre of Excellence. University of Ibadan.

Dr. Olugbenga Adebanjo Falode - Advisor

Deputy Director,Centre For Petroleum, Energy Economics And Law: University of Ibadan

Dr Funmilola OlaOlorun - Advisor

Consultant, Preventive medicine and Primary care Faculty of Public Health University College Hospital Ibadan

Dr. Godson Ana - Advisor

Ag Head, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, University College Hospital: University of Ibadan


Inter Secondary School Quiz Competition


The University of Ibadan SSEA Chapter introduces their Energy and Environmental Sustainability Project: The Days After Tomorrow. This litrary project is a global warming awareness initiative presented as sceince fiction. Click here to view



On Friday, 6 March, we successfully hosted a picnic, which was accompanied by an environmental talk. The picnic was a deliberate attempt to strengthen interpersonal relationship amongst members as well as the natural environment, for our setting is very close to nature. We played games, munch and talk. It’s a good serene to getting our minds set on SSEA University of Ibadan and THE DAYS AFTER TOMORROW. Check out the pictures on our Facebook page!


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