Students for Sustainable Energy for All (SSEA)

Natasha Cockfield

Providing Sustainable Energy for All is a generational challenge. As the leaders of tomorrow, students will play a crucial role in achieving the goals that the world community today has set for itself. To mobilize youth participation in this emerging revolution, Global Energy Initiative launched the Students for Sustainable Energy for All (SSEA) program in June 2014. This program is an important milestone in GEI’s overall mission of fighting energy poverty, protecting the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change.

The SSEA network is comprised of student groups at multiple universities around the globe – from the Americas to Europe to Africa to Asia – all of whom share the same mission of promoting sustainable energy for all under the organizational umbrella of Global Energy Initiative. Through their respective SSEA chapters, students lead efforts to promote sustainable energy by creating awareness on their campuses, in their local communities and beyond. They organize workshops, panel discussions, educational and other outreach programs on current global environmental and energy issues. SSEA chapters have initiated several projects such as the Environmental Sustainability Campaign (SSEA University of Calabar), the Energy Efficient Wood Stoves Project (SSEA University of Beirut), the Solar Heat Project 2014 (SSEA Earlham College), and many others.

The Global Sustainable Energy Essay Contest is another pertinent component of the SSEA outreach. Through this contest in 2013, the SSEA was able to reach out to thousands of students across the world, asking them to write on the topic, “My Vision for the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All (2014-2024).” Over four hundred quality essays were received from 67 countries. The SSEA is striving to double the number of participants in the 2014 essay contest, which will be announced in mid-July 2014.

The SSEA network offers a great opportunity to students to access a vast array of resources and get connected with other students around the world, who are dedicated to contributing to the mission of sustainable energy. In addition to providing valuable leadership experience, the SSEA network also helps students achieve their long-term career goals, while making a difference in the world.

Our goal is to establish over 200 SSEA groups in at least 50 countries by the end of 2014. Global Energy Initiative encourages students from all over the world to join the rapidly expanding SSEA network.

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